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About Us

Limkon Food Industry and Trade Inc. was founded in 2007. The factory has been started on March 2007 in order to produce fruit juice concentrate, fruit puree, paste and all products based on fruit. Our factory has been constructed in Adana Haci Omer Sabanci Organize Sanayi Region situated on an area of 40.000 squaremeter including 14.000 squaremeter covered space.

Our company, whose main goal is to produce every product with the quality that can be sold in international markets, has cooperated with the leading groups of the world by choosing all kinds of machinery and equipment used for this purpose in accordance with the latest technology of the day.

Our factory, which reached its targets in a short time, adds value to the economy of Turkey with the employment it creates indirectly by selling its products to the domestic and foreign markets.

Our factory is 105 km from Iskenderun Port, which is also under the management of Limak Company away.