Ceo Message

Hello there,

Since the beginning of our first production in 2008, we have been working with the concept of insan producing for quality devam and we are always working for the best.

In addition to our conventional production for more than 10 years, we have succeeded in creating a sustainable structure with organic and compound production.

With the plantations we make, we ensure both the stability of the product and the support of the farmer, as well as all the stages from soil to product in the most technological and ecological.

We contribute to the economy of the country with the employment we provide in peak seasons, especially in our production factory, with the importance we attach to the human power together with technology.

We have the world’s highest standards of IFS-BRC standards alongside the best raw material would be the best product awareness çalışıyoruz.türki standards without sacrificing quality.

Despite the economic fluctuations and global economic variables, we have succeeded in increasing our export rate every year, selling to more than 30 countries and continuing with the same acceleration.

We will continue to produce for the future of new generations and for a more livable society with success and diligence and to open up to the world.