Message from CEO


We are always working for the best with sustainability and human resources in this journey that we continue with the understanding of “producing for quality” in the sector since 2008 when we started our first production.

We managed to create a sustainable structure with organic and compound production in addition to our conventional production in over 10 years.

With our plantations, we ensure that all phases from soil to product are realized in the most technological and ecological structure.

With the technology , we contribute to the country’s economy with the employment we provide in the field , especially in our production plant, during the intensive Seasons.

We are working with the awareness that the best product will be obtained with the best raw material without compromising quality.Besides Turkey’s standards, we have IFS-BRC standards which are the world’s top standards.

Despite the economic fluctuations and global economic variables, we have succeeded in increasing our exports and selling to more than 30 countries each year, and we continue with the same momentum.

We will continue to produce and open to the world with success and effort for the future of the new generations and for a more livable society.

İlker Guney